1How Genuine Is The Quotes Services At Einsure.com.ng?
The standard practice everywhere in the world before buying an insurance policy is to obtain free insurance quotes from a few preferred providers and compare provisions with emphasis on policy terms, coverage scope, annual/monthly premiums and so on. The primary objective of the insurance search service at einsure.com.ng is to match your insurance needs with top providers who can meet them adequately. This process starts with you entering and submitting your contact details and filling up a short questionnaire on our lead forms designed to better understand your requirements. You also have the opportunity to select a preferred provider each time and have the preferred Insurance Company contact you immediately afterwards to provide you with a discounted insurance quote and discuss your needs with you. The search service on our portal therefore helps to match you accordingly with a provider who can urgently match and meet your insurance policy needs. The popular insurance underwriters on our platform are actively screened and monitored for optimum performance and any complaints as regards poor service or claims default is treated as a very serious integrity issue and upon investigation, culpable underwriters found guilty of sharp practices are immediately dismissed from our network of insurance companies. You also have the unique opportunity to work with registered insurance brokers and have them protect your interest absolutely for FREE. Customer satisfaction absolutely comes first at einsure.com.ng.
2What Are Insurance Quotes And Why Should I Get Some?
An Insurance Quote simply put is a statement showing the amount money that an underwriter (insurance company) calculates as the cost of providing insurance for your valuables. It could also mean an estimate of the rate you are likely to pay with an insurer for an insurance policy. Getting free insurance quotes before buying an insurance service gives you the ample opportunity to compare charges and find the cheapest rates that best meet your specific coverage needs. Shopping for free insurance quotes from the the country’s top insurance companies means a lot of money could very easily be saved.. A typical quote provides information about coverage scope, premiums, percent paid, exclusions, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximum as well as policy limitations. Everywhere in the world Insurance markets change very often and this means you can save a lot of money by comparing a few insurance quotes. Insurance types like car and home insurance need renewals each year. If you already have one or more, your current insurance company often has to notify you of impending renewals a few weeks before your renewal date, thus providing you the chance to look around and shop for the best policy. Take note however, that the policy offering you the lowest premium package may not necessarily be the best value for your money. You can very easily compare insurance quotes from as much as 10 insurance companies in Nigeria using the free services of the einsure.com.ng online portal. Get instant free insurance quotes for your valuables (car, business, home, travel, health, life) by calling us now or using the quotes request lead forms on our website.
3Are you An Underwriter Or Simply An Insurance Agent?
An Insurance underwriter is a full insurance company that has been empowered by law to embark on the business of insurance. Underwriters in this sense are the main insurers or the insurance carriers selling the insurance policy to you the buyer. The policy holder or insured in this case is the entity or person buying the insurance policy. Premiums are charged at intervals from the insured for a certain, stipulated amount of insurance coverage. An Insurance Agent on the other hand is an independent insurance sales agent who solicits, sells or negotiates insurance on behalf of a prospective insurance buyer, mostly for compensation. Independent insurance agents stand for and represent several insurance companies or insurance ‘carriers’, and their job typically revolves around negotiating and selling insurance products that suitably meet their clients needs. einsure.com.ng is simply an online insurance quotes platform with a superb technology and portal that handles all the difficult task of comparing packages and buying appropriately in record time. With our platform, you can compare prices at the comfort of your home or office, have Underwriters and Agents contact you with insurance quotes and provide all the necessary guide you need to buy the most suitable policy that best meet your needs.
4What If I Want To Talk To Someone For Insurance Advice?
einsure.com.ng is not only an online Insurance comparison platform offering insurance quotes services, we also offer insurance advice for FREE to any of our clients (current and prospective) that requires it. Our phone number is conspicuously displayed at the top of our website for you. Call us anytime and an Agent will attend to you as soon as possible. Free free to write or email us anytime on [email protected] as well or use the contact us form on the “Contact Us” page. We understand that sometimes, insurance buyers may need to speak directly with an experienced insurance agent for advise on the best insurance policy that best meet their needs, this is why we do not just have a self-serve online portal that handles the quotes process seamlessly, we also have a system of allowing insurance shoppers to reach out to us in person and get connected to a licensed insurance Agent or an Underwriter to help straighten out any complications, confusions or doubts that they might have. PS: Email us anytime at [email protected], Call us anytime on 08077259953 or use the Contact Us form to reach out to us. A dedicated Insurance Agent or Underwriter will assist or attend to you.
5How About My Contact Information, Are They Secure?
It will be practically impossible to serve prospective insurance buyers properly if a couple of basic information about them is not available for expert advice and quotes. However, the important thing to worry about on any website is the kind of personal information that is being asked for. At einsure.com.ng we do not collect very sensitive personal information from our visitors in order to serve them better. We understand that your private details must be kept very confidential and hidden from the public as much as possible, and luckily all we need from you to be able to assess your insurance needs include your basic bio data, a couple of information about your target insurance and your contact information (so we can quickly get your insurance quotes across to you). These abstract information we collect are totally hidden from public view and are only passed across to the chosen underwriters/agents by our sophisticated platform technology and servers where your information is reviewed and a contact channel established with only you.
6What If I Have Complaints To Log Against An Insurance Company?
As much as we expect all NAICOM approved Insurance Companies to be up and doing, pay claims when due and protect their brand and integrity, we anticipate that a few of them may want to cut corners every once in a while and avoid taking full responsibility when occasion calls for it. One thing we can assure you however is that as of today, with competition becoming stiffer and stiffer, an Insurance Company more often than never before now live up to expectations, paying claims and protecting their brand. This means that for the end customer, he can expect to get improved insurance services as time goes on. Today, it is easier to complain and take up action against a defaulting underwriter in a way that threatens their business. Here at einsure.com.ng, we thoroughly screen and closely monitor all the insurance companies we work with for possible sharp practices. The underwriters partnering with us all go through an undercover thorough vetting process that ensures we deal only with key and established brands with proven track records in the insurance market vertical. You, the end customer is a very important part of this process and that is why your regular feedback will go a long way in deciding who we deal with on an ongoing basis. Please write your recommendations, experiences and feedback as often as possible on any of the comments boxes of this site. This will come in handy for the other prospective buyers as well as the Administrators of einsure.com.ng. For personal complaints, inquiries or questions please use the contact form on the ‘contact us’ page to reach out to us or call us anytime on 08077259953.
7Which Of The Insurance Companies Do You Work With?
Normally, we work with all the Nigerian insurance companies that are NAICOM certified. This is because customer needs varies and we want to be sure we meet their needs most of the times. Insurance products, policies, coverage scope, plans, premiums and other terms vary from underwriter to underwriter. A particular Insurance Company may just have the particular insurance plan you require to meet your specific needs and at a discounted rate through einsure.com.ng. This also applies to other customers and cuts across the different insurance categories we have ranging from auto insurance, health insurance, home insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and business insurance. Of course, the only exception here is when we have been able to establish that one or more of these insurance underwriters are not meeting up with their own part of the insurance obligation. Cases of claims default, very poor service, bogus promises etc should be reported on this site. einsure.com.ng seeks to work only with the companies with a proven track record of excellence in the long run.
8If I buy Insurance Today, How Does The Claims Process Work?
Insurance serves as a hedge against man-made or natural disasters, hazards or calamity. Insurance equals your financial security and puts your mind at peace. It means you can basically manage the risk of loss of your property and even life. With an active policy, the value of your possessions can be recovered depending on the kind of insurance policy you have in place and the extend of cover it provides against stated disasters. As the insured then, you exchange a little loss on your part from your pocket (monthly or yearly premium) with total or near total recovery from a much bigger loss later. The premium is the little periodic contribution or amount of money you have to pay to the insurance company for active cover. Therefore, if you did not buy insurance, and are involved in an accident, you will have to replace the loss fully with money from your pocket, and risk loosing everything. If you are involved in auto crash (for instance) involving property damage or injury, inform your broker, insurance company or insurance agent immediately or within days (even if you are not at fault). You will be asked to provide some of your policy information and some details of the incident such as: your policy number, insurance company, make, model, license plate number and year of the car as well as other details regarding the incident. Note: Always take time to read and understand your insurance policy details and coverage scope after you buy insurance. Ask questions if you are ever confused about any specific clause. As soon as your claim is reported, a claims adjuster gets in contact with you. He/She may want to meet with you in person or simply speak with you over the phone. You may also be required to fill a claims form also known as proof of loss form. Your claims adjuster will then check to determine the extent to which that claim is provided for or covered in your policy. He/She will also explain your coverage terms to you and guide you properly throughout the claims process.
9Why Buy Insurance Through Insurance Brokers & Agents?
A lot of people make the mistake of buying insurance directly from an underwriter. While there is nothing wrong with this on its own, it actually amounts to robbing yourself unnecessarily. You should endeavour to always transact through a NAICOM licensed insurance broker at no additional cost to you. This is the way it works: – You just bought yourself a new car and need to buy some form of insurance cover. – You visit www.einsure.com.ng and request for instant multiple quotes. – You get an email message with your SPECIALLY discounted multiple quote(s). – einsure.com.ng connects you automatically with an Insurance Agent or a NAICOM licensed insurance broker. – Your Insurance Agent/Broker further helps you negotiate a cheaper deal that meets your needs for FREE. – You buy insurance policy/cover via your Insurance Agent/Broker only. You should understand that your Insurance Broker serves as your attorney when it’s time for claims. Transacting directly with an insurance company leaves you less protected and more vulnerable to cheating from irresponsible underwriters. Doing same via a licensed broker means your broker gets to fight for you and make sure you get paid when the need arises. What does the broker gets from it all? A broker is entitled to a standard percentage of the total premium you pay to insurance companies for insurance cover. This is the standard practice all over the world but the insurance company will likely decide to cheat you by never telling you this. Note that buying through a licensed broker does not in any way increase your insurance premium. So would you continue to transact directly with insurance companies or employ the FREE professional services of insurance brokers via einsure.com.ng? The choice remains yours..